"MASH IT UP! Volume One" Compilation

MASH IT UP! Volume One is presenting you the music of various artists within the MASH IT UP! network. Some of them have already performed at one of our events in Cologne. Most of the tracks, remixes, edits and mashups you'll find on this compilation are influenced by the most different genres, and they're all produced exclusively for this project. After 5 years of musical networking in Cologne City, we decided it's finally time to give something back to the Global Bass community. In order to reach out to as many listeners as possible and to not keep out anyone, we decided to offer our compilation as a free download. Please feel free to spread the word and to repost it on your blogs etc., we would truly appreciate it! All of the tracks were directly brought to us by the artists themselves.

Special thanks goes out to Uproot Andy, DJ Sabo, DJ Orion, Captain Planet, Matanza, Natema, Bumps, Javier Estrada, Caballo, DJ Comrade, DJ Melo, Pickster One, Deela, Multiplier, Mosca Verde, Kosta Kostov, Mad Mation and Chlodwig Boyz.


Rafael Baska & Daferwa

(Mash It Up! Cologne)